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meaghan & jondate | 9.25.10 city | st louis ceremony | st joseph reception | st louis artists' guild photographers | sal cincotta & tracy link meaghan & jon's st louis wedding photography meaghan and jon are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. i remember the day i met meaghan and her dad. we clicked immediately and i knew we were going to do some cool things together. meaghan kept talking about how cool the artists' guild would be for pictures, and up until we got there, i really wasnt all that excited. :) but once we walked in... the creative juices started flowing and we shot some amazing stuff. i especially like the one where they are standing on the window ledge. the venue was perfect and the group was a blast to work with. and the best man toast... probably the best i have ever…

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renee & timdate | 10.30.10 city | st louis ceremony | st francis xavier reception | st francis xavier st louis wedding photographers | sal cincotta & taylor cincotta diomis st louis wedding photography this october has been extremely dry compared to last year, so its been a nice change of pace with a lot of room for creativity. renee and tim were referred to us by long time friends and clients, the daughter of whom we have been shooting since she was in her mommas belly. sophia, was a flower girl at the wedding, and you will see a picture of her reading the bible where, and i quote, she states, "jesus says you have to get your pictures taken by sal". i love it! the guys were in style with their chucks, but renee stole the show. my favorite part of the day came later in the evening…

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courtney & jasondate | 10.15.10 city | st louis ceremony | union ave christian church reception | westin ballpark st louis wedding photographers | sal cincotta & tracy link stygar st louis wedding photography another gorgeous fall day... the day started off at the westin where the bride and groom got ready for their day! for those of you getting married soon, this is one of the best investments you can make. get ready at a hotel. it makes for a stress free day where people have room to move around and we have an awesome backdrop for pictures. courtney and jason opted for a first look, which ended up being more intimate than the church. from there, we headed off to do the creatives. and as luck would have it, a train came through. (i love train pics, if you didnt already know) we nailed a bad-ass train shot…

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allison & mikedate | 10.23.10 city | st louis ceremony | st lukes reception | forest park st louis wedding photographers | sal cincotta & lauren thienes kearns st louis wedding photography ok, so let me start off by saying, that because of allison and mike i now i have a ridiculous addiction to pretzel m&ms!! what an amazing day with these two and their families. you could feel all the love and emotion from the minute we walked in the door. it was a beautiful fall day, during a week where it had rained every single day. we were lucky for sure! one of my favorite moments of the day, came during the creatives, where we ran into several homeless people who wanted to be part of the show. one, even claiming his love for one of the bridesmaids. could this be a sneak peak at what's to come?…

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jessica & craigdate | 8.21.10 city | saint louis ceremony | st francis xavier reception |  moulin st louis wedding photographers | sal cincotta & taylor cincotta st louis videography | gage williams carroll st louis wedding photography What an amazing time we had with these guys! An absolute blast to work with right from the beginning. I love when I get to work with couples who are just open to new ideas and let the day flow. Jessica and Craig were up for just about anything and as a result, we got some amazing pictures of their day. Just dancing alone... I love this floor. However, its so unique, I have to be careful not to overshoot it! Gotta keep things somewhat unique. A favorite shot of the day. In fact, I loved it so much we are using it for our current advertising campaign. You have no idea…

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what an amazing time we had up in boston with these two. we met andrew, or "drewy" as meg refers to him, and meg at a bridal show early last year and when we talked about ideas for their engagement shoot and love story, boston immediately came up. we hopped on a plane and had a blast in boston. we got to visit acorn street, a famous street lost in time and of course, we had to visit Cheers for some limited edition sam adams. and like all trips, we had a little drama as taylor lost her new iphone4 in the cab... luckily, and i dont know how, we still had the receipt to the cab we were in and got the phone back. all in all, an amazing trip and we cant wait for the wedding. schulte engagement final

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